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Simple Tech. Easy Business. | Tips for Entrepreneurship


You may feel compelled to get every latest tech gadget your friend talks about or shown in your Facebook newsfeed.

BREAKING NEWS:  You don’t need that much tech to be successful in business.

Yes, gadgets, gizmos, and techie thing are fun, can be helpful and many times just are not needed.  Sometimes people spend far too much on things they never use or don’t know how to use. 

In many cases, simple (and often free) apps can do more to make your business function better than expensive and space consumer equipment.

I used to think I needed this crazy, massive computer to do more and be more efficient.  Then, I began to think about it more.   95% of all my work is on the cloud. 90% of my team’s work is on the cloud. 

Seriously, we use an accounting program, Canva, email marketing software, Adobe creative suite, a chat/customer support systems, and social media platforms. That accounts for nearly all of our work. It’s all cloud-based.  Even our phone is in the cloud.

Other things are outsourced to team members who have their own setup and can do what they choose.

When it comes to video, you can really go crazy.  And tech can be fun.  But, when you want to be mobile and carry minimal gear, keep it really simple. In the end, people want you to be fun, entertaining and educational on your videos. As long as you have clear audio and enough natural light, you’ve done better than 90% of the people who make online videos.

Think about what you have purchased.  Now think about what you actually use.  This goes for all tech.  Yes, it can be helpful. Yes, it can make a difference.  Yes, natural light, a $20 mic, and a fun topic can often do the most for your business.

Can you put all of your “business” in a backpack? 

Just think about it…. would you need a big box?

Do you need a moving truck?

Yes, I know if you have a regular office, facility, clinic or shop, things are different.  And, you would likely admit, that can be rewarding (and also very stressful).  

Still, how can you simplify all tech?

Simple is always better.  
“Cumbersome and confusing” is a pain.

Always here to help.


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