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Roundup: Joe Biden’s Chances of Running for President; Walmart Growth; & ‘Zombie Deer Disease’ News


Margot Robbie, actress … ramping up its online grocery business resulted in growth during the holidays for Walmart … how operating for chairperson this time will be different for Bernie Sanderssources close to former vice president Joe Biden say he will run, as well … Payless closing will cost 16, 000 employees their chorewhat you need to know about protecting your business in a divorce … how mood-forecasting tech could prevent bad moods before they happen … three buckets full of uranium sat in a Grand Canyon museum for 18 yearshere is what is known at this point about Game of Thrones’ season 8 … some Breaking Bad easter eggs in the Walking Dead … Congress wants an explanation from Facebook on why user data was leaked by closed groups … exploring if ” zombie deer illnes” is a threat to humans … monkeys were hunted by ancient humen for tens of thousands of years

Here is a look at how former NBA referee Tim Donaghy conspired to fix NBA games.[ ESPN]

Included here are some very telling numbers about how Duke’s Zion Williamson is kindling ticket sales.[ Sporting News]

Was Manny Machado’s massive contract the way MLB free agency should operate?[ The Ringer]

This may be the positive tale Chicago White Sox fans need today.[ Chicago Tribune]

Clay Travis opened up for an interesting interview focusing on his career.[ Insider Radio]

Wait, does the NBA need more of one LeBron James?[ Washington Post]

A piece on how Nike and the Jordan Brand invested in Charlotte for the NBA All-Star weekend.[ Forbes]

If you are ready for some football player movement, check out this breakdown of the top 100 NFL free agent.[ SI.com]

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