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Pinterest Board Ideas and Names in 2019 (+ Pinterest Categories List)


You might not realize how important Pinterest boards names are for your success on this platform. Giving keyword-optimized titles to your boards on Pinterest can be absolutely crucial for helping your pins rank higher for the keywords you want to target in them.

How to give Pinterest Board Names for Best SEO results

One of the most important one misstep people used to construct on Pinterest( I don’t see it often anymore, but it was very common only a few years ago) was looking forward to creative Pinterest board names.

A recipe board could be called **!!! YummieS !!!**- yes, with this exact spelling and punctuation, instead of just “Healthy recipes”.

Users who named their committees this route probably hoped to catch more attention with the creative naming. But that’s not the right approach on Pinterest.

Since Pinterest is a search engine, we need to provide the correct keyword context to our pins and committees if we want our content to be found and shown in recommended pins and in search results.

So, tip-off# 1 for today: don’t search for creative Pinterest board ideas. Do the keyword research, and incorporated in your board titles and descriptions.

I go over this in my Pinterest SEO Traffic Secret course in more detail, if you want to learn more.

How Do I Name My Pinterest Boards?

When you are thinking about titles for your boards on Pinterest, you should be very strategic and do thorough keyword research like I proved you in the post about Pinterest SEO.

A short version here: you first look for a wide search term and then start narrowing it down based on keywords suggested by the Pinterest search bar.

These are the ideal board titles you should target.

How many characters you can use for a Pinterest board title?

180 is the maximum, but probably anything longer than 20 is not recommended because these board titles will be cut off like so 😛 TAGEND

Take the main search phrase, and some additional related keywords to create a Pinterest board description.

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